A fun musical game for all the family. Assuming your family is interested in mindfulness.

This game is based on the powerful mindfulness technique called ‘social noting’ where the basic idea is to take it in turns to say out loud a word which objectively describes the most dominant aspect of your experience at that moment. Notes takes that core exercise and instead of speaking, you play a musical note.

Number of Players:
At least 2

What Else You Need:
A set of three chimes or another musical instrument with three notes per player

How To Play:
This is a musical version of the social noting technique.

Each player assigns a chime or musical note to three broad categories of experience: Internal (body sensation),  External (an outside sensation such as sound or sight) or Thought.

You then assign a chime to each of those three categories and have a fourth chime to represent Unsure.

Players then take it in turns to sense what is most dominant out of the three experiences. Once categorised, hit the appropriate note.

The aim of this game is being able to respond quickly. If a lovely tune results then that is a bonus.

There is also a one-player mode where you can assign as many categories to as many notes as you wish. Then go play solo.


Note: this game has yet to be extensively play-tested and as such may need refinement so do please send us your experience & suggestions so we can make them better.

[homepage image courtesy of Flickr user Frédérique-Voisin-Demery]


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