MindSnap is a fast and furious and loud card game which sharpens up our sense of awareness.

This game is based on the powerful mindfulness technique called ‘social noting’ where the basic idea is to take it in turns to say out loud a word which objectively describes the most dominant aspect of your experience at that moment.

Number of Players:

What Else You Need:
A set of MindSnap cards.
(PDF to be available for download soon)

How To Play:
You play this game just like the traditional card game Snap!, but when cards are matched, instead of shouting Snap! to win the pile, you shout out your experience at that very moment which matches the area on the card.

For example, if the matching cards say ‘Mindstate’ the winner of that set of cards is the first to shout out the word that best represents our mindstate in that moment such as Excitement or Confusion or Focus.

The winner is the first person to hold all the cards.


Note: this game has yet to be extensively play-tested and as such may need refinement so do please send us your experience & suggestions so we can make them better.

[homepage image courtesy of Flickr user Inigo Lopez]


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