Generous To The Last

This is a game about empathy and generosity.

It is based on compassion practice where we are invited to connect with the situation of others, but in an authentic way without pity or sentimentality.

Number of Players:

What Else You Need:
A set of Generous To The Last cards
Downloadable PDF available soon

How to Play:
In the middle of the table place the three decks of cards:
– the PEOPLE deck – each card has the name of a person well-known to the group
– the GIFT deck – each card has an action written on it, which at some point in the game has been deemed generous
– the BLANK deck, which can be used to add to the other two decks

To start the game, everyone takes two PEOPLE cards, five GIFT cards, and a BLANK card.

The player who’s feeling most generous begins. They choose one of their PEOPLE cards and play it face down on the table.

They then pretend to be that person and describe how they are feeling right now. So if the card played was Vladimir Putin, you might say: “I’m feeling powerful, also very angry, frightened, wondering if this is the end, intoxicated, fearful, grandiose, murderous”. At the end of the description, they turn over the card, revealing who they are.

Each player then has to choose one of their GIFT cards and select it as a gift to present to the person described, and play it face down. When all players have selected a gift, they turn the cards face up together. Each player then reads out their gift and speaks briefly as to why they thought it would be an appropriate gift for this person in this moment.

The person receiving the gifts then chooses the one they thought was most appropriate, and explains why.

The player who gave that gift scores a point.

You can use the BLANK cards to write an alternative person or gift card at any time, if none of the options you have satisfy you.

At the end of each round take a new gift card from the deck.

The winner is the first to 3 points (short game) or 5 points (long game).


Note: this game has yet to be extensively play-tested and as such may need refinement so do please send us your experience & suggestions so we can make them better.

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