Bodyscan Battleships


A game played in pairs to guess where the other person is feeling most tension.

This game is based on a body scan, a classic meditation technique where you slowly scan your awareness throughout your body.

Number of Players:

What Else You Need:
Pen & paper

How To Play:
Look at the other player and guess what the three areas on the other person’s body where they feel most tension as they sit.  Note those three areas on a piece of paper. Do the same, the other way around.

You both then take 3-5 minutes slowly scanning their attention through your body to identify the three areas of most tension. Once these have been identified, write these down on your piece of paper.

The winner is the person who scored the most hits out of three.

It can also be helpful to follow the game with a conversation about how your body is feeling.

BodyScan Battleships is ideal for couples to play when they first see each other at home after a hard day’s work.


Note: this game has yet to be extensively play-tested and as such may need refinement so do please send us your experience & suggestions so we can make them better.

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