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The Big Idea

Mindfulness Games is a new project from the makers of buddhify working together with games entrepreneur Alex Fleetwood. Based on our understanding of how important play and creativity can be in getting the most out of meditation and mindfulness, we started the question: what would it be like if a meditation class looked more like a games night instead of a teacher-led lecture?

The first result has been the creation of 9 super fun games, the playing of which encourages your sense of awareness, concentration or connection with others. Mindfulness Games is currently at alpha stage, meaning that we are still prototyping and play-testing stage. But later this year we hope to publish a complete set of games together which may even also have all the kit you need to play them.

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Made by 21awake with Alex Fleetwood. Visuals by Fi Scott.
Incubated by Ginsberg & alt-w. Special thanks to Kenneth Folk.